Artificial intelligence and chatbot

PoC project using artificial intelligence: a consultant for contact center operators.
Artificial intelligence IRAbot helps the advisor know all financial management guidelines and provides employees with answers to a wide range of questions.
Employees of the ministry can consult an AI HR specialist in their Microsoft Teams application at any time.
Foreign students interested in studying at the university ask the artificial intelligence their questions about all aspects of their studies directly on the school's website.
Artificial intelligence analyzes the sentiment of conversations and the rate of problem resolution from the perspective of TIPOS players.
Artificial intelligence cleaned up the inventory records and revealed duplicates.
The AI ​​chatbot knows everything ISSS about the conference, just ask.
Central office of labour, social affairs and family has gained a new „assistant“. And so have users of the website.
Chatbot in VšZP advises how to re-insure, whether to use the new Health Wallet benefit.
Our chatbot extension on the website of the Czech Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family enables the ‘Communication Assistant’ to deal with a large number of new enquiries.
Dôvera has relieved its call centers.
The Postal Assistant, our chatbot solution introduces innovative ways of interaction with Slovenská pošta.
Celnička, website helping Czech citizens find their way in customs regulations, has been reinforced by a chatbot form.
Thanks to our communication assistant, the Czech Labor Office offers its services around the clock.
Chatbots are IN. Our chatbot helps in crisis communication with entrepreneurs.
The internal chatbot significantly improved communication between the IT department and Czech Post employees.
Our communication assistant for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic helped on the Citizen's Portal.
On the "Pražana Portal", our chatbot Golem junior helps not only Prague residents, but also visitors.
A novelty has been introduced by the city of Nitra: A chatbot, our automatic communication assistant, assists in the management of the COVID-19 situation.
Ciri - the first animal chatbot in Slovakia.
Filip the Chatbot Helps to Conjure a Smile.
Customer satisfaction as the go-ahead factor in our chatbot extension for the Czech Social Security Administration.
Energy management
Automation of processes
Mobile application

energy management

We help save energy costs in Panta Rhei stores.
PPKK distribution, s.r.o.
For the ZIN organization saves costs through complete energy monitoring.
We have optimized costs for HYZA a.s.!
Energy management and saving analysis for the State Treasury and Shared Services Centre of the Czech Republic.

Automation of processes

We made the work of Panta Rhea employees more efficient by automatically processing income receipts.
Office of the self-governing region Banská Bystrica.
Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Mobile applications

We have prepared several successful solutions - from energy savings to improving communication with customers.
Application for employee covid testing.