The internal chatbot significantly improved communication between the IT department and Czech Post employees.

How to manage a large number of internal queries? Our chatbot proves instrumental in helping the Czech Post cope with internal communication bottleneck.


Česká pošta (Czech Post) is the state-run postal provider in the Czech Republic. It is headquartered in Prague and employs over 30,000 staff. Postal employees often encounter issues when navigating through ServiceDesk – the internal communication interface used for interaction with the IT department. Submitting the right query and selecting from a large number of available options can sometimes pose quite a challenge.


Our chatbot called “Poštovní asistentka” – Czech for Postal Assistant helps finding answers to the most frequently asked routine questions, such as how to generate a password. The Postal Assistant communicates in a friendly and welcoming tone and she never sleeps :-) As a result, there are fewer incoming queries sent to the IT department and the IT staff is then not flooded by ever-repeating questions and have their hands untied to deal with more complex tasks. Our chatbot thus significantly streamlined and improved the internal communication between the IT department and the other postal employees.


Thanks to our chatbot, the IT department receives fewer internal requests, IT employees are not overloaded with repetitive questions and can focus on solving more complicated tasks. The chatbot thus significantly improved internal communication between the IT department and employees at Czech Post.