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Solutions with artificial intelligence

We work with the latest technologies. We will present you solutions with artificial intelligence as the best helper. We have experience with the introduction of AI in projects with different focus, in different industries, with satisfied employees and customers.


Our chatbot will make it easy for you. As a great helper, colleague or friend, he advises, entertains and even saves time. We will create him precisely in order to simplify and make the customer’s experience more pleasant and communicate with him naturally like a real person.

Energy management

We focus on monitoring and managing energy consumption. Our goal is to reduce costs and contribute to environmental sustainability. We provide advice for each client.

Mobile applications

Online shopping, use of AI voice assistants or augmented reality? Yes, yes and yes! We will create and design the application as we agree. No unnecessary talk.

Automation of processes

With the help of a software robot, it is possible to automate practically any task on a computer that an employee currently has to perform.

Why us ?

We make life easier

We know how to do it. We have tried and tested procedures and know-how, so we won't waste your time. We analyze the input parameters ourselves. We will relieve you of the burden, come up with the most suitable solution and adjust according to your wishes. We can simplify even complex things, we will preserve and draw attention to the essentials.

We have an individual approach

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions for everybody. We understand that every business needs something different. That is why we approach clients individually. We help reduce costs, optimize processes, set up effective communication.

We are original

We have experts from IT, customer experience, psychology, and business and marketing. We look at things differently through the eyes of experienced people. We bring sophisticated and unique ideas to the table. We will clarify and simplify communication with your customers.

Our work

See what innovative solutions we have come up with together with our clients:

PoC project using artificial intelligence: a consultant for contact center operators.
We made the work of Panta Rhea employees more efficient by automatically processing income receipts.
Artificial intelligence IRAbot helps the advisor know all financial management guidelines and provides employees with answers to a wide range of questions.

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