Process automation

Make it easier to work with us

Take advantage of 
robotic automation (RPA)

what can they do

Detailed analysis of current processes and systems

Redesign of processes for digitization and preparation of the test environment

Creating a basic script and creating variations of the script according to all kinds of deviations

Robotic process testing, performance monitoring, corrections and reporting

Deployment into production, corrections according to production data and performance and acceptance tests

  • They reduce errors and process variations
  • They save time and eliminate boring routine work
  • You will use your staff more efficiently
  • You will increase productivity
  • They are cost effective
  • They automate quickly and without expensive integration
  • They support compliance and traceability
  • They operate 24/7/365

Why involve robots?

Suitable processes for automation:


all manual processes of entering/rewriting data, pulling data from outdated systems, tagging data


invoicing process, reminder process, creation of reports, statements

Human resource

overview and selection of CVs, administrative and technical formalities for new employees, regular payrolls, employee approaches

Communication with citizens

automatic solution of requests

Automation solution options

Fully automated solution without human intervention (runs on the server).

Partially automated solution with human assistance (runs directly on the clerk’s computer).

Digitization of documents

Processing with OCR

  • A large part of the applications are submitted in hand-filled forms.
  • Their processing takes place by manual transcription, which is time-consuming and may cause errors.
  • OCR technology realizes the automatic conversion of requests into a machine-readable form, thanks to which it is possible to subsequently automate the transcription process.
  • MS FormRecognizer technology used.

Our work

We made the work of Panta Rhea employees more efficient by automatically processing income receipts.
Office of the self-governing region Banská Bystrica.
Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.