Energetic management

We turn passive subscribers into active players!

Thanks to energy management, you get an overview of how much you
the cost of an hour of operation on energy and how much you can realistically save.

What constitutes quality energy management?

Get on with it let's see:

data display

You work right from the start with what
the most accurate current data real-
time. Otherwise, the information would be distorted.

na úsporu energie

We will bring you concrete proposals for change
and technical improvements to make you significantly
reduced energy costs.

Constant optimization

We are with you from the initial assignment to the end result. We evaluate the effectiveness
we regulate ongoing and set processes in such a way that they bring you an effect.

First phase

The second phase

5 good ones reasons, why with us cooperate


We have experience in developing solutions
customized for clients and production
devices. We don’t just focus
for assembly and configuration.


We can reduce or destroy all of them
fees and fines to energy companies


We can return your investments
calculate before itself
project implementation.


We power the hardware layers
on existing facilities to
you didn’t have to buy unnecessarily
something you already have.


We are sure that our projects have meaning.
That is why we are willing to go into projects where our reward will represent a part from the savings achieved.

See sample examples:

We help save energy costs in Panta Rhei stores.
PPKK distribution, s.r.o.
For the ZIN organization saves costs through complete energy monitoring.
We have optimized costs for HYZA a.s.!
Energy management and saving analysis for the State Treasury and Shared Services Centre of the Czech Republic.