The AI ​​chatbot knows everything ISSS about the conference, just ask.


Every year, the ISSS conference focuses on the digitization of the state administration of Assam. It is one of the largest events of this kind in the entire EU and its 26th year will be held in 2024. Every year, the conference welcomes more than 1,800 participants and 150 speakers, and the program is complemented by exhibitions of companies whose services are related to the theme of the conference. With such a large event following the program, it is natural that guests have many questions not only about the options in the program but also about participating in the event itself, such as food, entrance fee, parking, etc.


For the 26th edition of the ISSS conference, we deployed the Isssa chatbot on the basis of artificial intelligence. Those interested in this event, as well as the participants of the event, can ask Isssa any question and receive an immediate answer. Isssa can recommend lectures that interest the participant, advise on the locations of individual exhibits, explain the difference between ticket prices, introduce individual speakers and kindly explain that, for example, she doesn’t know jokes or predict the weather. We not only trained the chatbot on the basis of the conference with its intelligent intelligence, but every day the chatbot also learns new changes in the program and checks whether new knowledge has been added to the website that it should know.


Conference participants can quickly get the information they are looking for, but also have fun and try what it’s like to talk to a systematically trained artificial intelligence.