Customer satisfaction as the go-ahead factor in our chatbot extension for the Czech Social Security Administration.


The Social Security Administration is an administrative authority of the Czech Republic reporting to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. It is actually the largest institution among the state administration bodies in charge of the agenda comprising approximately 8.5 million clients and among other duties it is also responsible for payment of old-age pensions as well as hospitalisation allowances. The Covid-19 pandemics brought about multiple challenges for the citizens and the volume of daily enquiries in the call centre of the Social Security Administration simply became unbearable. This led the organisation to react swiftly ensuring that the citizens are provided all the necessary assistance. In doing so it applied an innovative solution – our chatbot.

The first version of the chatbot was developed already with the advancing first wave of the pandemics with the key goal to provide the clients with emergency information. The innovative communication via our chatbot proved to be a very efficient and viable tool and the Social Security Administration therefore decided to extend the scope of available services.


The first chatbot version was developed for the Czech Social Security Administration already with the advancing first wave of the pandemics with the key objective to provide the clients with urgent information. The Virtual Advisor comes highly instrumental predominantly in the communication with employers and the self-employed. However, it offers much more than just that: it also assists the pensioners by providing advice on how to avoid the potentially risky personal visit to the branch or explains the parents on how to draw the allowance for leave to care for a family member (abbreviated as OČR in Czech). By asking close-ended questions and providing clear answers, it helps all the above groups navigate in a wide range of issues, provides advice on how to apply for care allowance or how to inform the authorities about interruption of business activity. It even explains the state contribution scheme provided during the pandemics. Employers will find useful help when they are confused about the payments of social security contributions or completing of various forms.


The chatbot is not aware of the coming weekend, it does not care about bank holidays nor is it eager to take vacation. It is diligent, fast, and available anytime. It handles the basic routine agenda like a boss while significantly reducing the workload of the call centre, streamlining its operation, and releasing the ever-precious resources to address the more complex problems. 

From launch until the end of November 2020, chatbot has been viewed by almost 800,000 users, an average of 1,300 unique users per day. The clients appreciate receiving competent information and real-time responsiveness to their enquiries. During the first 10 days after renewing the content, almost 14,000 citizens actively used the conversation with chatbot. As many as 75% of them said they had found the answer to their questions.

Customer experience is at the forefront of any project we implement. Actually, it was exactly the positive feedback of the clients of the Czech Social Security Administration that made it possible to continue on the pathway towards an even more innovative future and to further extend the chatbot. Why don’t you give it a try and test the ‘Virtual Advisor’ available at