PoC project using artificial intelligence: a consultant for contact center operators.

PoC project using artificial intelligence: a consultant for contact center operators.


The largest private health insurance company in Slovakia has several years of experience with chatbots. This time we were approached with the request to implement artificial intelligence in the insurance company’s communication.

The health insurance Dôvera solves a large number of requests daily at its contact center. Many policyholders ask questions about details that contact center operators must be able to answer as well and quickly as simple questions. Operators look for information in health insurance laws. For more complex questions, this process is lengthy for both the operator and the insured, who is waiting for an answer.


We processed the solution to this situation within the PoC project for the client center. To help operators, we created a chatbot based on artificial intelligence, which we trained on several health insurance laws. The task of artificial intelligence is not only to recognize whether the information in the sources relates to the question asked, but also to relate data found in several different sources and formulate an answer to the question based on all this data. In the event that there are also older versions in the documents, the artificial intelligence selects the current data and incorporates it into the answer. Artificial intelligence will offer answers for client center operators in a matter of seconds, while the process of searching for such complete information would take them a disproportionately longer time.


The implementation of the PoC project enabled the client to evaluate the contribution of artificial intelligence to winter communication at the contact center, thereby contributing to the evaluation and development of other projects using artificial intelligence.