Our communication assistant for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic helped on the Citizen’s Portal.


The Interior Ministry launched the ‘Citizen Portal’ serving the citizens of the Czech Republic. Still, quite a few people seem to have trouble navigating through the large number of services provided by the portal. For others, even the process of logging in represents a challenge. The ministry therefore decided to address exactly this segment of the population using a new communication tool. Enter our chatbot, which was aptly named ‘Lev’ – Czech for Lion.


The Lion is available 24/7 and is able to manage a large number of queries simultaneously. The chatbot navigates the user in a friendly way, providing all visitors to the portal with all sorts of information. It guides the visitor in a quick and interactive way while addressing the basic issues and assisting with the log-in to the portal. It will also be interested in getting some feedback on the communication channel itself. The Lion will even introduce itself – all you need to do is to click on the menu in the chatbot window and select the “About the communication assistant” option in the FAQ link. Take a look yourself: