4ka, the mobile operator is the 4th mobile services provider operating in Slovakia (hence the name). 4ka prides itself in its services offering large data bundles at advantageous prices and without the binding ‘lock-in’ period. You may activate any of its services every month or simply stop using them – all at your own discretion. The operator also offers unlimited calls, text messages and mobile data on its own network. All of this convinced more than 600 thousand customers to use the services provided by 4ka.

With such a large number of customers, the operator obviously needs to address an immense number of repetitive questions and inquiries.


Simca, our chatbot provides a fast and smooth access to information about monthly plans and programs not only to 4ka customers but also to prospective clients. It will assist you in selecting and ordering a new service or help with addressing a technical issue. What is more, Simca has a great sense of humour: first it identifies your preferences and only then gives you advice on the most suitable monthly plan and throws in an extra fun-fact or joke for good measure. And if it happens to be at wit’s end, it will put the customer through to a live operator in the customer contact centre.


Using the chatbot, 4ka collects an analyses data on customer reactions and simultaneously operates a tool improving customer experience. The chatbot also deals with the sensitive topic of comparing 4ka with its competitors and the client thus gets a unique benefit in receiving an honest feedback on the available offer.

The chatbot successfully busts the most frequently circulating myths about the operator and using a relaxed conversation tone it shares the information important for the operator that customer may often forget to ask. Go ahead, try it on your own and chat with Simca about the products, services, signal coverage or your phone number portability at