Employees of the ministry can consult an AI HR specialist in their Microsoft Teams application at any time.

Employees of the ministry can consult an AI HR specialist in their Microsoft Teams application at any time.


The human resources department of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic is not large, but on a daily basis it solves many questions related to changes in the normal operation of employees, such as taking time off, working from home, additional payments or hiring a new employee. Most of the questions are repeated, as there are situations that concern every employee from time to time, but at the same time they are not so common that everyone knows the answers to them.


Among the contacts in the Microsoft Teams application, we have added a new automated colleague “Your AI HR” for employees. Employees can turn to him in the MS Teams application just like other colleagues and ask him the same questions as other members of the HR department.

Your AI personalist is an automated communication assistant into which we have processed the most common questions that the human resources department regularly encounters. This chatbot identifies right from the start what type of employee it is, as different regulations apply to employees accordingly. It will also offer the employee several areas that might interest him, as well as the opportunity to formulate and write his own question. Thus, the employee can choose the information that is processed in the tree structure of this chatbot, or join the conversation with smart intelligence. We introduced artificial intelligence to the chatbot together with a number of internal documents and regulations, so that the employee always receives an answer resulting from applicable internal guidelines. The entire conversation takes place in the MS Teams environment, which is comfortable for the user and gives the feeling of communication with a real colleague.


We have relieved the human resources department of recurring questions, the answers to which follow from the generally applicable regulations of the ministry. In this way, the employees of the department have more space to devote themselves to specific cases and the employees, in turn, have an AI advisor at their disposal at all times, who is always ready to inform them of applicable regulations, procedures and exceptions.