Our chatbot extension on the website of the Czech Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family enables the ‘Communication Assistant’ to deal with a large number of new enquiries.

The Communication Assistant developed in cooperation with Asseco CE deployed on the website of the Czech Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (MLSAF) has undergone a brand-new facelift. After a successful launch in the spring of 2020, the chatbot helps citizens with a large number of other new topics.


The COVID-19 pandemics caused a great deal of concern and trouble to a number of Czech citizens, many of whom were facing completely unprecedented situations. The Czech Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family had to react swiftly to provide the citizens with the necessary assistance in the most efficient manner. The key objective in deploying the chatbot was to streamline and simplify the work performed by the ministry’s call centre operators.

The first chatbot version was developed already during the advancing first wave of the pandemics when the key objective was to provide the users with diverse emergency information. The ministry very much appreciated the innovative interaction enabled by the chatbot – in peak times, the application was used by more than 6000 clients per hour and the considerable volume of positive feedback led to the decision to extend the scope of services available.


„The Communication Assistant” on the ministry’s website provides quick and simple information free from the hassle of complicated web search when the client finds himself or herself in a particular life situation. People may need advice when they are made redundant or need assistance in relation to eligibility for allowance or unemployment benefits, while others look for new jobs or seek to upskill themselves to become more competitive in the labour market. The assistant may help persons with disabilities search for job, apply for disability allowance, or advise them on how to get an ID for disabled persons. To employers, on the other hand, it may provide useful advice on how and where to look for potential workers, or how to proceed if employing a disabled person, for example. Last but not least, the assistant does not ignore the large population of seniors either – it helps the users when addressing the issue of old-age pension eligibility and it can even assist when the client is entitled to two types of pension simultaneously.


The chatbot significantly reduced the workload for the ministry call centre. Moreover, it supports digital interaction enabling users to communicate from the comfort of their homes. It also offers users the full list of electronic forms to complete and provides them with all relevant information without the need to visit the branch in person. Even in the situation when the respective measures and policies change rather quickly, the chatbot never misses the boat with the latest updates and answers are available 24/7 without the hassle of that drawn-out and annoying search on the website.

Client satisfaction is our primary objective, and we are convinced that even in complicated times like these, innovative solutions represent the key to success .

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