Energy management

For the ZIN organization saves costs through complete energy monitoring.

We cut the costs for ZIN by developing a comprehensive energy monitoring solution.


ZIN s.r.o. is a provider of lighting conductor and grounding components. When it comes to actual manufacturing of lighting conductors, ZIN s.r.o. is the leading Slovak producer. Custom-made manufacture from metals is another service that ZIN offers its customers.


Our energy saving project mainly consisted of optimisation of the conditions for supply of energy from contractual partners as well as optimisation of production and non-production processes based on long-term monitoring of the client’s energy consumption patterns.


The ZIN company was a challenge for both our architects and technicians, especially for the nature of the production, as it is never possible to stop the gas supply, at the same time, the area was so large and fragmented that we were motivated to use LoRaWAN technology for the first time in our installations. Since there was no public LoRaWAN network coverage in the area, we built our own LoRaWAN gateway, which serves ZIN and can now serve the wider area as well. Thanks to technology, we managed to fulfill the main goal of the company, namely not to exceed the daily measured maximum consumption of natural gas, as well as to provide a basic audit that gives the company an overview of which technologies are profitable to replace with less energy-intensive ones and in what time frame it can expect a return on its investment . Thanks to this, the company is able to make sensible decisions in the area of energy investments.