Energy management

Energy management and saving analysis for the State Treasury and Shared Services Centre of the Czech Republic.

The energy management project brought an analysis of the savings potential in the administrative building.


The main responsibility of the state enterprise Czech State Treasury and Shared Services (SPCSS) is the operation of the national data center, audit and proper operation of applications in the field of financial management of the state and the provision of other IT services for public administration entities. After a thorough analysis, our solution set out to analyse following: 1, Prove of possibility to successfully deploy and operate IoT devices collecting energy consumption data in the existing SPCSS infrastructure. 2, Prove of potential for energy savings in SPCSS premises.


SPCSS currently operates a secure data center in Vápenka locality, which also includes an office building. Due to the huge difference between the two workplaces, we approached the evaluation at both workplaces separately. Our delivered solution consists of two parts: monitoring and data collection of office space and the analysis of data from the data center. New IoT devices for data collection and subsequent processing were installed only in the office space. There was no need to install new devices in data center and we focused on the analysis of the data provided from existing sources.


In the first point of our assignment, we proved that IoT devices can be deployed fast enough. In the second point, we were able to identify up to seven areas for potential savings, especially in office space. The results of the energy management pilot project from April 2019 demonstrated that the customer’s office space offered some potential for saving, especially when it comes to power consumption.

We managed to demonstrate the advantageousness of our solution to the client and suggest specific steps how to realise energy consumption savings including the calculation of the ROI (return on investment). At the same time, we are convinced about the sustainability of our solution.