Positive feedback led the Czech Ministry of Labour Social Affairs and Family to assign a whole range of new tasks to our chatbot.

We have extended the chatbot for the Czech Social Security Administration. It is smart and reliable in providing with the latest information.

Dôvera’s website is a real home turf for our chatbots which help the clients with a full range of enquiries.

Simca, our chatbot will assist you with selecting the  monthly mobile plan but she is not devoid of humour either.

Postal Assistant provides information to customers while helping the Slovak Post improve its services.

Chatbots are IN. One of our chatbots facilitates the communication between the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade and entrepreneurs.

Courtesy of our communication assistant, the Czech Labour Office can now serve its clients 24/7.

We cooperated with the Czech Ministry of Interior to develop the communication assistant for the Citizen Portal.

General Healthcare Assistant will answer enquiries concerning insurance and provides advice on the service “Healthcare Wallet”.

Golem Junior is our chatbot assisting the citizens as well as visitors on the Prague Citizen Portal.

Our chatbot reduced the workload of the call centre while providing the latest information to entrepreneurs.

Internal chatbot significantly improved the communication between the IT Department and employees of the Czech Post.

We developed several thriving solutions – the benefits range from energy savings to improvement of communication.

We introduced solutions addressing the issues of energy management with the key objective of efficient management of operations.

Our comprehensive energy monitoring solutions enable the company to cut its costs.

Our energy management project analysed the potential savings in the client’s office building.

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Since we implemented system administration running on Microsoft Azure, our clients don’t need to worry about hardware maintenance anymore.