Mobile applications

We have developed a new mobile application for a client with business in vehicle dealership and service. The application enables their customers to identify and contact the nearest or desired dealership office or a particular employee within their location in Slovakia. The app serves as a fast and easy way to set a date for a test drive or vehicle service using your phone.

We are currently developing a new mobile application for a client providing taxi services. We have based our design on particular requirements specified by the client as well as local environmental specifics. The application will be used by taxi drives and dispatching as well as the client`s customers willing to order their drive.



Innovations in the area of automated communication change the way to connect with your customers. Chatbots enable companies to qualify more leads, grow their pipeline and collect valuable feedback from their customers. New tools to simplify interactions between humans and computers offer new opportunities to improve the customer engagement process and operational efficiency by reducing the costs of typical contact centers.

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Internet of things and energy management

Smart metering or intelligent measuring systems remotely collect, process and transfer such parameters as electricity, heat, water, gas, light, pressured air consumption or machine efficiency. Data is collected in order to make in-depth analysis of usage in order to reduce costs. We have proved to do so for our clients.

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Mobile applications and customized development

With a growing number of consumers using mobile devices as their primary means of communication, it has become a key aspect for businesses to ensure that their customers have a quality experience when they contact them.

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Adoption campaigns

Enhance the productivity of your employees and show them how to get more use of Microsoft Office collaboration tools.  As a result you do not only get more work done faster, but also work better together, reduce errors and discover an interesting reduction in amount of needed Microsoft licenses.

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We work as a team, support each other and complement each other. We like what we do and that mirrors in our results.


We are motivated by new challenges and not afraid to see new solutions and apply them with our satisfied clients.


We get out of our comfort zone. We like to respond to changes and keep our solutions modern and progressive.


We have developed our own solutions and our unique tools have been implemented with numerous clients.


We cooperate with professionals. This diversity enables us to take different point of views and thus improve our solutions.


We actively listen to our clients. We care for their needs and design solutions respecting their goals, situation and requirements.


We trust our outcomes and we are not afraid to set goals and consequently be accountable for results.


We emphasize openness and sincerity in communication. We speak in a language that leads to mutual understanding.

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Chatbot is more than a chat.

Chatbot can recommed, advise, entertain and make a survey for you.

Tailor your chatbot to your needs – define its personality, address various cutomers segments and collect valuable feedback.

Cost reduction

Your bot enables you to reduce costs by allocation of your human resources more effectively, taking over simple and repetitive tasks.

Non-stop service

Your chatbot is at customers' disposal 24/7 thus reinforcing positive reputation of your company.

Data collection

Chatbot interactions enables you to map your customers` interest, their most frequent questions and feedback to your products or services.


Your chatbot speaks the language and tone you design whether it`s formal or casual and it always remains in friendly mood.

Sales support

Your chatbot offers your customers just the right product or service, answers their questions and explains its benefits.


A chatbot conversation is more likely to attract customers as it is a two-way communication tool.


Together with you we will make a basic analysis of your needs. We define the target group and its communication habits. We will take a closer look at the environment in which you will use chatbot, its marketing and technical capabilities and set goals for chatbot.

Based on your ideas, we will design a communication strategy and chatbot personality. When designing, we will take into account your customers’ habits and communication. We will also suggest placing chatbots on the web or in the app. We will set deadlines and supply you with a quote.

We know from experience that it is not good to put all the chatbot functionality into operation at the same time. Therefore, we first create a case of using a chatbot that has the greatest benefit and quick implementation. This initial phase will be accompanied by a marketing campaign to motivate people to use chatbot.

Based on the results of the pilot project, we will choose which of the remaining prepared cases of chatbot will bring you the most value. Already at this stage, we begin to collect customer feedback, analyze statistics, and fine-tune chatbot for greater efficiency.

We are putting other cases of chatbot into operation. Only when one use case is at the desired quality level, will we proceed to the next. We collect feedback from customers, their suggestions to improve your products and services, and look for other instances of using chatbot.

At this stage, it is already possible to chat in the market, expand the target audience and find new ways to learn more.


"We listen actively and design your chatbot based on your preference."

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