Energy management

Energy management

Complex energy management solutions with fast return on investment

Transmission network

Analysis, project and implementation of IoT transmission networks

Custom-made solutions

Developing custom-made solutions for customers from various background

Systems interconnection

Integration in existing systems includes data collection, data analysis and consequent management of the integrated system using an own platform

In today`s world full of technologies, collecting and analysing data from various IoT devices enables us to make more informed decisions.  Smart metering or intelligent measuring systems collect, process and transfer data on many variables such as electricity, heat, water, gas, light, compressed air, machine performance and others. One of the major benefits of the measurements is energy and costs savings.

Energy management in practice

Metering and monitoring

Production processes monitoring, remote reading of energy consumption and other variables (electricity, water, gas, heat, humidity, movement, light intensity, UV radiation, pressure and others), alert systems, telematics, development predictions and precaution planning.


Properties security, art work monitoring, house arrest (bracelets), monitoring children, households and pets.


Monitoring air-pollution, water sources, soil, flood risk management, dry season management, monitoring climate change.


Monitoring medical cooling boxes, outpatients, dependent patients, seniors, panic buttons, monitoring biological material transports (body organs, blood plasma).


E-mobility, parking, international transport logistics, alternative routes calculations in in heavy traffic, monitoring bridge loads, car sharing, transport devices maintenance (belt conveyors, rails).


Monitoring health of breeds, soil humidity and automatic irrigation, monitoring soil pollution, pest control, monitoring individual trees in woods, servicing and repairs of agricultural machinery.


Automatic restock, sale items flow management in a store, finding displaced items, wireless payment.


Monitoring production and materials flows, production planning, predictions based on collected data, utilization assessment.

Vehicles dealership

Energy consumption optimization, identification of consumption endurance points, charging stations management, e-mobility, smart parking.

Our clients in IoT


Solution delivery process

Environment analysis

Our work begins with premises inspection and environmental analysis. We study types of concerned data and current data monitoring systems, and we examine installed measuring sensors and their connection possibilities.

Solution proposal

Consequently we analyze the collected data and plan the most suitable technical components and transmission technology.  Based on the analysis we draw a financial proposal for you.

Pilot project

Our solution is tested by a pilot project in a selected part of your premises, for instance in one or with two rooms or two to three sensors. The pilot project is being tested for a period of time for its functionality leading to potential changes.

Project delivery

The pilot testing is followed by implementation of the overall solution.

Testing and fine-tuning

We aim to deliver a solution for your satisfaction. Once the solution is implemented it is being tested by you to make sure it fully meets your needs. In case of any additional requirements or changes we adapt the solution.

Post delivery sevice and support

Our solutions are delivered with full consequent support as well as warranty and post-warranty service.

Why us?

Our team will help your initiatives in digital transformation area and bring innovations into reality. We are enthusiastic and ambitious to help you improve your business.

Development competencies

We are highly skilled in IT development and have broad experience of how to use our skills for your business vision. Our work ethic is result oriented and we are able to deliver top class solutions meeting the set deadline and respecting the set budget from client.

IoT prototyping

We have broad experience in feasibility testing using Proof of Concept methods, prototyping connected devices with off-the-shelf tables and creating in-built systems, back-ends and mobile applications for industrial IoT solutions.

Open solutions

Our solutions are prepared to be altered or upgraded in future.


Our team features energy management professionals, experts in consumer contracts policy, inspection technicians, solution architects, programmers, data analysts and assembly technicians. Together we provide reliable and functional solutions.


We have gained substantional experience in offering our clients various integrations of their solutions, e.g. with invoicing systems, mobile applications, CRM systems and other.

Return on investment

We are able to estimate your return on investment before the actual project implementation.