Energy consumption kept under control

Operation monitoring and efficiency of processes

Saving of energy and cutting down on your costs

Helpful solutions tailor-made for your operation

The sooner you start, the better

Do you feel like you don’t want to pay fees for excessive energy consumption anymore? Want to know how much your company pays for energy for a single hour of operation? Have you ever wondered if all your facilities deliver the same level of performance with identical power consumption? 

If you do and have, you are at the right place. Indeed, we can increase your operational efficiency while reducing energy consumption so that you don’t have to pay any extra fees to utility distribution companies anymore. We have ample experience with various projects integrating IoT solutions and we mainly specialize in energy management. It is a proactive and systematic management of energy consumption, which brings considerable savings to your operating expenses. In no time at all, we can provide you with a good overview of what is really going on in your operation.

Higher precision, greater productivity, better decisions

Structured approach to energy management will help you maximise the benefits while keeping the risks at bay. Not only our technology makes your life easier and brings more comfort – it also introduces useful and budget-friendly solutions for organisations which keep pace with the latest trends and want to become leaders in their respective segments.


Data collection and processing enables a precise and appropriate design of our solution to optimize energy consumption.


We utilise the available wireless technology and other networks, the possibility to work online, as well as the feature enabling reverse management of selected devices.


An easy-to-navigate analysis of the historical data as well as the existing situation, data imaging (we are able to generate images of the data in almost any existing platform), proposals for changes, and technical improvements.


Continuous evaluation of efficiency of your energy systems, their regulation and prediction of development.

Let us give you a helping hand as you reach maximum saving at minimum costs.

We will accompany you from the very first briefing until the final implementation. Moreover, we will incorporate your ideas, too, and attempt to arrive at solutions together. We are excited about our job, and we like innovating. So let’s take a look together at how we work. 

Analysis of the environment

We begin with a tour of your facility; we analyse the environment and the needs of your operation while clarifying your expectations and requirements.

Solution design and a price quote

Next, we process information and design a tailor-made solution for you – technical components, equipment, and data transfer technology. Then we estimate the roadmap and prepare a price quote. In the final step. we mutually agree on specific terms and conditions of our cooperation.  

Pilot project

We don’t believe in making big technology investments immediately. Instead, we recommend starting small and setting a specific objective. We will first make our solution operational in part, then we closely monitor its features and functionality with you, possibly designing some changes or improvements. The development process is fully transparent and you will be receiving regular project implementation updates.


After testing within the scope of the pilot project, we will continue by implementing the solution across the whole organisation. In case of need, we can promptly incorporate your requirements. After all, we do care about your satisfaction with the resulting solution. 


You can rely on our full support also in the future – in case of devices, this also includes warranty services and after-warranty maintenance in line with the agreed terms and conditions.  

Why work with us?

Developing competence

We have extensive experience in combining our skills as developers while looking at things from the customer’s perspective. We develop leading-quality solutions within the agreed deadlines, and we stick to the agreed budgets.

Our own development

We are proud to have our own practical experience with designing and developing our proprietary solutions and manufacturing of devices – so we not only install and configure, but deliver genuine tailor-made solutions.


Our team comprises energy professionals, contractual specialists, technical audit specialists and installation technicians, solution architects, software developers, as well as data analysts. We combine our competences to deliver truly comprehensive and functional services.

Open solutions

We design our solutions to enable further development or extensions.


We offer our experience with diverse solution system integrations, e.g. with invoicing systems, mobile apps, CRM systems etc.

Clear ROI

We can quantify the return of your investments before the project is actually implemented.

What they said about us

Examples of IoT solutions

Manufacturing and industry

Optimisation and monitoring of manufacturing processes, energy consumption monitoring (heat, water, power, gas).


E-mobility (smart parking and other smart city solutions), logistics, carsharing, maintenance of transport equipment, management of charging stations. 


Security of buildings, tracking of works of art, house arrest (ankle monitors), household monitoring.

Facility management

Energy management, efficiency analysis, identification of potential savings, monitoring of movement of persons around buildings or facilities, predictive maintenance, cost distribution.


Indoor and outdoor monitoring of air pollution, flood risk management, humidity management, climate change monitoring.



Smart systems for collection and disposal of municipal waste, monitoring of road traffic, management and analysis of energy costs for municipal buildings.  


Making savings requires action.

We will be glad to design a customised solution for you.