May, 2021


Our technology helps building state-of-the-art public administration institutions, which is why we became involved in Microsoft’s project titled „Digitální úřad“ (Czech for Digital Office).

The Digital Office project was conceived to show the citizens as well as public administration managers that already today there exist digital solutions that can make life easier for both citizens and office staff while increasing day-to-day efficiency of public institutions. The project represents the already available and tested solutions facilitating digitalisation of public administration institutions, such as our Digital Assistant. The strength of our chatbot lies in using a simple and approachable language while answering even the more complex questions of the visitors to any given office’s website and provides direction in carrying out specific steps – booking of a personal appointment, searching for a specific form or a link with contact details of a specific clerk or public official. All of this only to ensure greater comfort of the citizens.

The project was developed under the auspices of Microsoft and represents a digital solution from Predu and as many as almost 30 other partners who are ready to develop a tailor-made solution for your institution or public office, too.

Already today, communication assistants (or chatbots, if you like) from Predu represent an integral part of several public administration portals. They apply a user-friendly language to explain the standard agenda of the given public institution or office while providing general information about what a client should do in a whole range of life situations or how to communicate with the given institution.

Above all, however, Predu pushes the envelope of the chatbot’s abilities in creating a fully-fledged digital assistant. The key objective is to offer the enquiring citizen the opportunity to carry out specific follow-up steps directly from the chatbot platform – activities which he or she would otherwise have to address alone or with the assistance of public office employees. As long as the chatbot has information about who it is communicating with, it can offer an immediate booking of an appointment with the relevant department instead of just of passively providing office hours and a telephone number. Moreover, it may notify the citizen of an approaching date and time of the appointment or even offer help with addressing of a related situation.

For example, in cooperation with Asseco, we provide a similar solution for the Labour Office of the Czech Republic, which found it highly instrumental in coping with the sudden onslaught of inquiries and requests associated with the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic. Swift, agile, and maintenance-free deployment, a high degree of citizen engagement in conversations as well as positive feedback convinced the Labour Office to extend the solution to comprise also the day-to-day office agenda. As a result, some of the recurring issues and FAQ at the Labour Office’s contact centre were eliminated which, in turn, saved the valuable time for the staff as well as citizens themselves.

We keep on constantly innovating our chatbots while adapting them to the specific needs of individual public institutions. Moreover, when developing our technological solutions, we give top priority to humane and individual approach. Our key goal is to keep on contributing to the process of public sector digitalization.

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