Application for online registration, management and staff reporting for Covid-19 testing.


Considering the necessity to promptly comply with the emergency measure of the Ministry of Health establishing the obligation to ensure testing of employees in organizations with more than 250 employees, our assignment was defined piecemeal, and we had to react in a rather agile manner. The initial assignment was to create a registration form for individual testing days so that the document would be available online not only for Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT), its affiliated organizations and ministry agencies as well as the actual medical staff in charge of the testing process. The primary goal was to prevent queuing at sample collection points. Additionally, it was essential to obtain the necessary data to elaborate a weekly test results report.

However, based on the practical experience from the first week it turned out that it would be more effective if the ministry itself was in charge of the employee testing process, without involving the external medical professionals. This key learning made it necessary to demonstrate some agility in expanding the assignment so that to provide software support to the staff at sample collection points.


We took advantage of our existing product, which enables quick employee registration for antigen testing on a preferred date. After booking an appointment, everyone will receive a confirmation email with the precise location, date, time, and instructions. The employee arrives at the specified sample collection point on time and leaves the premises immediately after sampling - courtesy of our system, he/she does not have to stick around to get the result then and there. Instead, they will receive the result in the comfort of their home or office in the form of a text message together with an e-certificate sent via e-mail. This not only saves employees their time, but also minimizes the risk of contracting the infection while lingering at the sample collection point.

The project implementation also involved provision of software to the staff working at the respective sample collection points. We therefore expanded our interface to include the option for registration of temporary medical workers who confirm the appointments for employees in the system, register the corresponding test cartridge number and record the test result after the specified time. This significantly contributed to the acceleration of registration and the subsequent expansion of the capacity of the sample collection points


The solution was deployed in a truly prompt manner - literally from Friday to Monday, with the application ready for testing mode on Sunday. During the implementation of the required extended functionalities, we managed to double the capacity of sample collection points together with the client. We implemented the system so that to skip the need for printing of a paper certificate with test results to avoid the unnecessary waiting at the sampling location. Thus the test result is delivered to the employee shortly after assessment in the form of a text message (SMS). This enables elimination of queuing at sample collection points. At the same time, the system generates a certificate for each employee that is sent by e-mail. This entitles the individual not only to enter the MIT premises but also grants access to other state administration buildings.