The Postal Assistant, our chatbot solution introduces innovative ways of interaction with Slovenská pošta.

The strategy of Slovenská pošta is not only focusing on updating the postal provider’s customer services but it also involves a novel application – the fully digital Postal Assistant. The Postal assistant “was hired” already during the first wave of the pandemic in order to briefly and clearly explain the changes in the functioning of the services caused by Covid-19.


Slovenská pošta consistently modernizes the services delivered to its customers and is constantly looking for ways to streamline and automate a number of processes in the field of customer support. That is why has the company decided to use modern and innovative communication solutions. By deploying an automated communication assistant - chatbot - will the company reduce the volume of burdensome daily communication and give the employees the much-needed space to implement more important solutions. For Slovenská pošta, the the quality of its communication is a key parameter. And also therefore the company decided to implement innovative solutions in this respect.

The strategy titled  ‘Pošta 2020’ introduced by the management of this state-run postal provider is focusing on modernization and increasing of efficiency in services provided to customers. It also involves refreshment and updating of the digital interaction with the post’s customers.


The chatbot that we developed is titled Postal Assistant and is automatically displayed on the homepage ( as well as other subpages. The Postal assistant "was hired" already during the first wave of the pandemic in order to briefly and clearly explain the changes in the functioning of the services caused by Covid-19. Postal Assistant introduces herself and explains this is an automatic communication taking the form of close-ended questions and answers where the user does not necessarily need to formulate his or her own questions. It uses a friendly tone to measure website visitors’ satisfaction when it comes to postal products and services while providing information about the selected services. Moreover, it gives the users free tips on how to save time using digital services or how to track one’s parcel and mail consignments.


The chatbot was instrumental in the first pandemic wave reducing the workload of the already overburdened call centre which moreover had to operate in limited mode. This gives Slovenská pošta a brand-new tool providing natural and easy explanation of postal services that customers haven’t used yet or those of which the customers may have previously been unaware. Slovenská pošta has introduced a new option giving voice to its customers – they may express their opinion on the selected services while the postal operator collects data on customer satisfaction and preferences. The intention for the future is to gradually expand the features of the Postal Assistant so that it becomes a communication channel on par with the customer care centre.  

At present, the chatbot also engages in internal communication with employees in order to collect data on employee satisfaction with the selected areas. 

The whole design solution of this project is operated on Microsoft Azure, a state-of-the-art cloud-based infrastructure enabling a high degree of scalability.

Postal Assistant can be accessed at

“We are planning to gradually expand the abilities of the Postal Assistant chatbot so that it becomes a fully-fledged partner of the customer contact centre of Slovenská pošta in our interaction with the customers”

– Eva Rovenská, Spokesperson for Slovenská pošta

I regard the quality of communication to be the key parameter in determining stakeholder satisfaction, whether it is our customers or our employees. I am convinced that this modern channel is a true enabler – a tool for collection of large amounts of precious insights into the ideas of our customers as well as staff members, about overall direction of the organisation and postal services in general. It is exactly this feedback that helps us consistently improve and modernize our operation.”

– Peter Helexa, former General Manager, Slovenská pošta

The chatbot is continually updated based on the announced changes and it consistently brings the latest relevant information.

Our data during the first month:


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Slovenská pošta, a.s. continues to innovate and improves its services with our solution on mass reminder automation.

The strategy titled ‘Pošta 2020’ introduced by the management of this state-run postal provider, builds a modern and efficient post office. It includes the modernization not only of services for customers but also for employees.


Slovenská pošta constantly modernizes services for its employees. The development of information systems and technologies is one of the current trends and the only goal is to provide high quality postal services. In cooperation with us, the company is launching a business process optimization project so that the sales department can not only streamline internal processes, but also improve communication with customers and enhance the overall customer experience.

From the point of view of generating income, corporate customers are very important category, and after the successful launch of the Postal Assistant, Slovenská pošta decided "to train" the chatbot in B2B segment as well. The new task for the chatbot was to manage services for corporate customers, business conditions, price offers and thus relieve merchants from routine and often recurring questions.




We have created a unique tailor-made solution – a system for automating mass reminders. Therefore can Slovenská pošta from now on communicate more effectively with corporate customers. Our system sends messages to selected e-mails of corporate customers notifying of the approaching invoice due date. After the due date is exceeded, the system automatically sends another notification by e-mail - first notifying the arrears and then the suspension of services. Corporate customers have access to another innovative communication tool - our chatbot Postal Assistant will help them as well.

It could swiftly and smoothly respond to kinds of enquires on B2B sales, such as how to order a courier or arrange a cancellation. The chatbot will provide with information on corporate services and prepare a price offer. If it cannot cope with the answer, it will connect the customer directly to the trader.


This unique new system of automation of postal operations represents an increase in the quality level of data processing. It not only eliminates the manual work of merchants, but also brings a significant simplification of the whole process. Merchants can focus on their core business – selling products and services – and are no longer overwhelmed by debt collection. Simultaneously our solution saves precious time - the processing of receivables was reduced from a few days to a few minutes. Another great benefit is the fact that thanks to the use of an automated reminder system, Slovenská pošta was able to increase payment discipline for corporate customers by up to 65%.

Our Postal assistant has helped more than 340 corporate customers since the launch of B2B advisory in just 2 months. Almost a third used chatbot to create a price offer, which significantly saved time and helped the sales department.