IoT Solution

Energy management and saving analysis for the State Treasury and Shared Services Centre of the Czech Republic


The main responsibility of the Czech State Treasury and Shared Services Centre is the provision of IT operation services.
Our solution set out to analyse the energy savings potential in the data centre premises and the office building.


The results of the energy management pilot project from April 2019 implemented in SPCSS, a.s. demonstrated that the customer’s office space offered some potential for saving, especially when it comes to power consumption. We managed to demonstrate the advantageousness of our solution to the client and to design specific steps how to realize energy consumption savings including the calculation of the ROI (return on investment).

Benefits of the offered solution

An independent tailor-made solution

Comes with any functionality, any kind of IoT device can be used for extension.

Separation of the data layer and the logical layer

Data collection is independent of the presentation layer.

Modular approach

The system can be extended to contain machine learning module, adding notifications and cloud services...

Open protocols

Standard communication protocols enable simple integration in other systems.

Local support

We guarantee availability of support provided by highly competent technical experts.

Favorite platforms

The environment (SQL, PowerShell, PowerBI) is familiar and simple to use in case of project takeover.