We have developed cloud infrastructure on the "other side of the planet" for Semantic Web Company.

We designed a system administration solution for the customers of Semantic Web Company from Malaysia and South Korea built on the state-of-the art infrastructure from Microsoft Azure.


Semantic Web Company is a technology provider and software supplier headquartered in Vienna, Austria with branches in Great Britain and the USA. The company prides itself for its expertise in metadata, search capabilities and provision of analytical solutions. Semantic Web Company assists customers all around the globe in improving of their management systems, in particular by using the semantic web technology and the ability to extract meaning and insights from big data using connected data technology. 


Thanks to cloud infrastructure, the company can now leave the worries related to hardware administration and maintenance to us and deal exclusively with its core business activities.

Moreover, our smart solution saves the company time and money as it only pays for the premises and performance that it actually uses. On the other hand, the set-up can be extended or limited anytime. Better still, the data storage is running simultaneously across several parts of the world so in case of an outage of one area, the company can continue its operation stress-free. All of this enables Semantic Web Company to deliver higher quality and data safety to its customers.