Our chatbot instrumental for the Czech Labour Office in providing information to its clients.

In cooperation with Asseco CE, we launched a communication assistant module on the website of the Czech Labour Office. After introducing itself, it conducts an automated interview with the client using an easy tone and friendly language.


The Czech Labour Office is an administrative body reporting to the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and its main role is to provide information about the labour market, keep evidence of jobseekers and vacancies. In recent months, clients are mostly interested in the practical implications of the current situation related to Covid-19 and the call centre is therefore flooded by enquires from a large number of Czech citizens every day (in the year-on-year comparison, the number of queries in the call centre increased by almost 130%). 


In cooperation with the client, we have prepared a quick deployment of the chatbot at Our online communication assistant navigates the clients through the emergency measures adopted by the government due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It also provides information to individuals who found themselves in material deprivation, those interested in details of assistance provided to seniors, or others who look for a new job. Moreover, the assistant emphasises that it does not recommend personal visit to the labour office and offers alternatives and guided suggestions how to handle applications online, without the need for being physically present at the branches.


The communication assistant enables 24/7 provision of services by the Czech Labour Office while reducing the workload of the call centre operators. At peak times, he answered an average of 2 questions per second and proved to be the right communication tool. Two-way communication is enabled by designing close-ended questions and answers with content developed based on the most frequently asked questions in the call centre. Active users were most interested in benefits, allowances, and employment. This proves that communicating a permanent agenda with the help of our chatbot is attractive for the users.

You may interact with the chatbot directly at:


“The interest in using the virtual assistant available at the website of the Czech Labour Office is increasing. At present, clients most often search for information related to child benefits, the possibility of covering the costs of housing or addressing material deprivation issues when their income does not suffice to cover high housing costs or essential subsistence. In the sphere of employment, users most often ask for advice in cases of becoming redundant and about the related assistance provided by the Czech Labour Office.”

– Kateřina Beránková, spokesperson of the Czech Labour Office