Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Chatbot helped to communicate Emergency information.

Our new chatbot prepared in cooperation with Asseco Central Europe responded to many questions in tough times of state of emergency of the Czech Republic. We wrote the content and implemented the communication assistant named Emergency information at the web portal of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Due to non-standard circumstances the website indicated an elevated interest of public and the chatbot was there to direct its users to the new measures related to Covid-19 and answer many of their questions. The communication went through in a casual manner, making sure the explanation of the measures is understandable to users of all kinds. We informed website visitors on available state support, job search as well as support for senior citizens. Moreover, we emphasized that personal visits to the state offices were not recommended and explained how to deal with the numerous issues otherwise using online forms. The support offered by the chatbot is constant, enabling users to look for the needed information any time of the day. They are offered to choose from several closed options gaining the answers to the most frequent questions Moreover, the content was updated almost daily reflecting the current changes of the situation. To see the chatbot, please visit

Jana Maláčová, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs on our chatbot solution: