Online communication assistant for Slovak Post

Slovak post customers have been offered a new interactive communication tool to evaluate their experience with selected postal services. The new Post assistant chatbot aks about their satisfaction in a friendly way while providing helpful information on selected postal services. Chatbot users are also offered a few tips how to save time using Slovak Post electronic services or its Track and Trace web application.

At first the Post assistant introduces herself and reveals that she is a tool of automated communication in form of close-ended questions, so there is no need to define one`s own statements. Using the chatbot Slovak Post gains new data on customers’ preference and satisfaction as well as a new tool to explain some advantages of its services in a natural conversational mode.

The client aims to continue to enhance the area of knowledge of the Post assistant in order to include her in Slovak Post Customer service team. The entire solution is based on a modern cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure thus enabling a substantial scaling.

Meet our chatbot Post assistant at