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Adoption campaign for acceptance and active usage of Office 365

Your guide throughout the change with an experienced team.

When is an adoption campaign beneficial for you?

In case of starting

In case you are planning a ”transition” to Office 365 and want to do it as smoothly and effectively as possible.

In case of ineffective use  

Once you have implemented Office 365 and would like your employees to use it actively.

Targets of active usage of Office 365 licenses in your organization 


More effective internal communication and collaboration 

Agreements and date clarity, lower time investment into information exchanges and timing synchronization.


Targeted and customer oriented external communication

Wider tool menu for sharing information, availability, deputation, contract clarity and dates synchronization.


Continual and exact feedback on utilization, usage effectiveness monitoring and possibility to address internal and external customers on the basis of their activity.


Financial effectiveness

Possibility to adjust licenses renewal according to users organizational needs and behavior of their employees or customers.

The prerequisite for new system implementation and its active utilization (Office 365) in an organization is that its employees as users:

• Understand the benefits and profits of the system
• Find their own reasons to start using the new system and its tools
• Try to process their regular agenda in the system
• Learn to fully utilize the system
• Become regular users of the system

We have learne that a change acceptance and transition to Office 365 takes more than just its installation on all computers. Therefore, we have the following experts in our team.

IT specialists who know the work with hardware and software installation.

Product specialists in Office 365 and cloud solutions.


Programmers who know how to complete and adjust internal computer environment used by your company to its transition to Office 365.

Coaches and experts in internal communication and requirement analysis for individual target groups.

First-rate components of adoption campaign 

Target groups analysis

The first step is to identify internal user groups, clarify their needs and motivation and harmonize their expectations with real possibilities of adoption campaign results.

Communication strategy proposal for individual target groups

As soon as we identify individual user groups, we prepare a basic communication plan inwards the organization.

In the next step we prepare documentation that supports the change implementation – e.g. we provide examples how to utilize selected tools in Office 365 for individual users or groups.

The last component of communication strategy proposal is identification of suitable opportunities and timing of communication taking into account the character of workflow and important periods in an organization. 

People management in the change process

A frequently omitted aspect of well performed adoption campaign is the organization management support, who are the initiators of the whole process. It is important to communicate correctly that the newly implemented system is not just “another up-level thing”, but that it represents real benefits for each employee.

Suitable mediators for positive acceptance of the change are its sympathizers who need to be identified. They are then handled as “internal change agents”.
You need to keep in mind that resistant groups have to be identified, too. Then you need to prepare an agreement – e.g. a form of minimalistic change acceptance and incorporation into the change of the organization.

At the end a time schedule and milestones of Office 365 active usage must be agreed. This time schedule does not only serve during campaign implementation, but it also helps with its assessment. 

Motivational system proposal

Based on our experience it is necessary “to sell” the prepared changes. Such motivational system must naturally be adjusted to the requirements and motivations of individual target groups.

Thanks to accurate reporting of individual tools usage you can prepare “a package of benefits” for the most active individuals, which subsequently motivates other users sufficiently enough, too. 

A tailored educational plan

We prepare a tailored educational plan for organization management, change agents and other user groups.
Each such plan has a wide variety of possibilities. Frequently, we educate IT administrators and prepare them for their role of “internal educator”, present reports on licenses usage, introduce Office 365 to individual user groups, demonstrate selected tools and their benefits with real situation examples, offer FAQ manuals, support and educational materials, show links to online information, provide hotline for acute issues and much more. 

What is your gain from our cooperation?

1. A support for your internal IT team and organization management.
2. Time and energy savings of your IT team during Office 365 implementation.
3. Background knowledge, interest and active usage provision in your organization.
4. Acquirement and development of basic skills with Office 365 tools and their active progress.
5. Better conditions for improved cooperation within your organization and with your external partners and customers, as well.
6. Better acceptance of Office365.


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