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By 2020, recent forecasts suggest that there will be 6 network connected devices per person around the globe.

Using IoT

There are basically 5 primary areas of IoT use:

Smart city

Ide o systémy tvoriace priestor nášho občianskeho života. Majú priamy dopad na kvalitu prežívania a ide preto o jednu z dvoch najprepracovanejších oblastí IoT, ktorá sa v súčasnosti testuje v pilotných projektoch viacerých miest a regiónov sveta. Komponenty Smart city modelov zahŕňajú životné prostredie, verejnú správu, verejnú infraštruktúru, bezpečnosť, doThese systems cover the area of our civil life. They directly impact our quality of life, therefore, this is one of the most sophisticated IoT areas, which is currently being tested in pilot projects of various cities and regions in the world. Smart city model components cover areas of environment, public administration, public infrastructure, security, transport, healthcare, culture and education.


Smart grid and smart metering

Another very strong area of IoT is currently being pilot tested in many power engineering companies. In many cases the reasons that it is still not being operational is a missing legislature or current situation on power supply markets. These systems are include remote control of power engineering infrastructure and remote measuring of water and energy consumption. 


Industry 4.0.
Intelligent interconnection of machines in production units and other control systems of industry production.

It is probably the most familiar IoT areas that covers various gadgets which we wear on our body (or use for animals) measuring efficiency parameters transferred into applications and processed into recommendations we follow during our fitness activities.


Smart Home
Represents intercommunicating devices in our households, working together to create household management system, its power sourcing, food replenishment, security control and life comfort.


Any attempt to list all examples of IoT solution to one website would not be real. However, if you are looking for inspiration for IoT use inyour business we have summarized the most frequent areas of use:  

1. Measuring and Monitoring

Production processes monitoring, remote reading of energy consumption, telematics in transport, fire sensors monitoring in housebuilding or undeveloped areas.

2. Security

Properties security, art work monitoring, house arrest (bracelets), monitoring children, households and pets.

3. Environment

Monitoring air-pollution, water sources, soil, flood risk management, dry season management, monitoring climate change.

4. Healthcare

Monitoring outpatients, dependent patients, seniors, panic buttons, monitoring biological material transports (body organs, blood plasma)

5. Transport

e-mobility, parking, international transport logistics, alternative routes calculations in in heavy traffic, monitoring bridge loads, car sharing, transport devices maintenance (belt conveyors, rails), monitoring naval and air routes.

6. Agriculture

Monitoring health of breeds, soil humidity and automatic irrigation, monitoring soil pollution, pest control, monitoring individual trees in woods, servicing and repairs of agricultural machinery.

7. Retail

Automatic restock, sale items flow management in a store, finding displaced items, wireless payment.

How we deliver solutions

Background analysis

Solution proposal

Proof of concept

Solution review

Complete project delivery 



Our team will help your initiatives in digital transformation area and bring innovations into reality. We are enthusiastic and ambitious to move forward.


1. Development competencies

We are highly skilled in IT development and have broad experience of how to use our skills for your business vision. Our work ethic is result oriented and we are able to deliver top class solutions meeting the set deadline and respecting the set budget.


2. IoT prototyping

We have broad experience in feasibility testing using Proof of Concept methods, prototyping connected devices with off-the-shelf tables and creating in-built systems, back-ends and mobile applications for industrial IoT solutions.


3. Mobile applications

We develop iOS and Android platforms for creating with instant messaging, location record, efficient search, secured payments and data visualization in real time.


4. Predu team are IoT enthusiasts focused on Smart metering

Smart grid and smart metering is one of the two most important areas IoT application. The reason is obvious – the energy consumption cost is huge, it rises progressively and, on the top of that it is a massive impact on global environment. We in Predu believe that energy costs management via smart metering represents one of a crucial criterion of our clients’ success, along with their expression of collective responsibility. The reasons are:
• The biggest contribution of smart metering is a significant reduction of energy consumption costs
• The second contribution of smart metering is the reduction of energy consumption itself 


5. If you decide for IoT then work with Predu. Why?

1. We have created a system for remote collection, processing and transfer of data related to electricity, heat, water and gas, light, pressured air consumption as well as machinery efficiency. We position a grid of sensors and measuring devices at your premises in a way which enables them to intercommunicate as well as communicate with the central systems via regular or specific types of wireless telecommunication networks. It is an on-line system with possibility for direct control of your devices using intuitive graphical interface, e.g. in your smartphone.

2. Our experience in optimal grid positioning and calibrating sensors will enhance the speed and quality of the remote measuring. The premises tend to be compartmentalized with complicated shadow signal interference, which is one of the most risky factors of grid creation. Our staff have experienced implementations in various industries and other types of premises. Food production premises and transport service premises,
Partly located outdoor, require a different approach. However, we are able to adjust the technology even to such conditions.
3. IoT projects represent additional initial costs. However, we work cost-consciously as we are able to incorporate client`s existing components in our solutions. We are IT specialists and we know which devices to interconnect, how to interconnect them and we love what we do. Our experience has taught us that the more technologically open our solutions are, the more components of yours could be incorporated. We consider ourselves to be your top skilled provider! 


6. Wondering if Predu smart metering is for you?

1. Would you like to have an overview of your energy consumption resulting in cost savings?
2. Would you like to reduce your high fixed energy costs?
3. Would you like to be able to manage your excessive reserved capacity and set the circuit breakers correctly?
4. Would you like to be able to manage your energy consumption deviations?
5. Would you like to use start-stop system in order reduced costs?
6. Is there an option of alternative power sources for you? 


7. Which problem areas are solved by our solutions?

• energy supply contracts optimization and energy consumption at individual consumption points
• management of contractual and invoicing energetic agenda
• aggregating customers’ requirements in production industries
• getting advantageous price of power and gas supply
• consumption and machinery efficiency monitoring, efficiency analysis
• system of measures for operational adjustments 


8. What will you appreciate about our solutions?

• A continual collection on consumption data via secured net
• In time alert or reaction on consumption increment in case of reserved capacity overdraft
• Online data view according to your needs
• Detailed analysis of all measured quantities based on your collected data
• Process or infrastructural change proposals based on analytics 
• consumption or anomaly predictions


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