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We present you automated communication 

Improves customer engagement 
Accelerates processes 
Qualifies leads
Reduces operational costs 

What can bots do ?

Recent significant improvement in bots enables us to solve many problems omitting human assistance. Companies are able to address wider masses of potential customers and help the existing customers solve majority of their problems. Regardless the day time or holiday. Bots work for you all day every day, 24/7, starting conversations and delivering qualified leads.
Bots help companies allocate their human resources to more complex and creative problems as the trivial and common problems could be processed using automated communication. Majority of questions in contact center tend to repeat. Bots are effective in answering the repetitive questions. Customer interactions are simplified as there is no need for an agent to search the correct answer and copy paste it for the customer.
Bots are designed to handle simple activities, e.g. advise a customer where to send a parcel, buy a particular book or pick up concert tickets. Bots can be implemented in company internal systems and process information. This enables customer to get an answer about the telephone consumption, electricity overpayment or set up a reminder for an appointment at the general practitioners’ office.

How we deliver solutions

Apart from the technological part of a communication bot we need to keep in mind the user’s point of view – chat bots would be useless if people did not use them.
Therefore we believe that a proper adoption campaign needs to accompany the initiation of bot usage. The campaign includes proper guidelines for users to be able to find required information and solve their problems. Once the chat bot is established at the market, it is advisable to support customers’ engagement. A regular management of your chat bot you will lead to active customers’ communication.

Background analysis

We review and learn from you about the background where you wish to use communication bots. Identification of the target group and its habits is a crucial step. Mutually, we determine the goals to be achieved.

Solution proposal

Based on the defined goals we create a communication strategy and communication means for your chatbot. It is important that we design a location for the bot so that your customers want to use it. Your chat bot personality is created based on your ideas so that it is likeable for your customers to communicate with.

Pilot project

We define a scenario of bot`s initial use which proves you its strong impact and is feasible in a short period of time. The initial phase is accompanied by a campaign leading customers to use the chat bot.

Solution review

Pilot project outcomes enable us to define which of the rest of prepared scenarios would be of the most significant value for you. This is the phase when we can already collect your customers’ feedback and fine-tune the chat bot to higher effectiveness.

Introduction of further use

Based on our experience, we do not recommend introducing the complete chat bot functionality simultaneously. Therefore, we continuously work with the individual scenarios, starting with a new one once the quality of the previous one achieves the desired level. Moreover, this is the phase when we identify new usage for your chatbot, collect your customers` feedback and potential ideas to improve your products and services.

Continuous improvement

Now, your Chabot is ready for marketing campaigns, qualifying new leads and improving your customers engagement.

Why us?



Our young team is made of people with long-term relationship with communication bots, both professional and personal. We have made deep analyses of various communication bots, studying their pros and cons. We have experienced what works in real life and what does not prove successful, just to bring you custom-made solutions according to your needs.


Complex service with customer orientation

We create bots that people want to use. We guide your customers to use your bots without looking for alternative means of communication.


Open custom-made solutions

We design communication bots taking into account your future development and future solutions. Our bots are designed to be easily enhanced or changed due to your future needs.



We care to get to know you and your customers. We design your bot`s personality to be attractive for your customers.

Make your customer communication more effective!  

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