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Who we are and what we do

In predu s.r.o. we are a team of professionals with long-term experience in automated communication solutions and customized software development. Our innovative solutions have proved to enhance efficiency by substantial cost reductions, increase in sales and profitability, higher employees’ qualifications and overall customer satisfactions.

Slávka Šikurová

The first thing to say about Slávka is that she is a fierce defender of new technologies combined with open and human communication. She especially enjoys being a part of a team and delivering an innovative project helping a client to progress forward.

Her personal characteristics destined her for getting her degree in management followed by 15 years of professional experience in various managerial positions which resulted in a the current challenge - creating a company based on her values, choosing team members based on her criteria and accepting full responsibility for the quality of outcomes for clients. The name of the company indicates where she visions herself to be. (“predu” – is derived from “Ahead” in Slovak language.)

She is driven by performance recognition and acknowledgment as well as challenges that push her professional and personal boundaries. She likes to face her daily challenges with positive attitude.  

Martin Reichelt


predu s.r.o.
Švabinského 21
building EMEL
851 01 Bratislava


Phone: +421 951 108 701


Company registration no.: 47894687
VAT: SK2024136576