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We care to bring a permanent value to our clients.


Motor-Car Group

The client with business in vehicle dealership and service was implemented an extension of existing energy consumption monitoring. We extended the original system with active uninterruptible power supply (battery) and solar panels. This solution not only enables monitoring of the actual state but also automated reactions and effective use of the most suitable sources.    


State treasury – Shared Services Centre

A pilot project of power engineering management was aimed to analyze potential savings on data center premises and in an administrative building. We proved to serve the client with an advantageous solution and designed steps to leading to reduced energy consumption costs along with return on the investment calculation.


The city of Trenčín

Thanks to the implementation of our platform the city of Trenčin has become the first city in Slovakia using a bot to communicate with the citizens. Chat bot guides users through the history, attractions and events of the city. The bot provides information on office hours, minutes of city council meetings, current news and many other interesting things.


Mondieu Group


Goethe Institut




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